Trade Frequency - Feature Update in Neotrader

As you know, we keep on Upgrading NeoTrader to make it the best Trading and Analysis Software available.

We have now added an Interesting Feature to make our Members life simple.

The Feature is called “Trade Frequency”, it gives you the authority to choose the number of trades that you want on the intraday trades page.

All of us love intraday trading, but each of us has our own trading style, some of us like to take many trades in a day, whereas some of us a handful.

This is exactly why we are happy to introduce this brand new feature which will help you choose the frequency in which you want your trades. 

You can now choose from 4 options [Low- Medium – high – all] and get a varied number of trades.

Depending on the number of trades that you want in a day, apply the check box as shown in the below image.

Image includes the New feature upgraded in NeoTrader, which is an AI based Trading and Analysis Software
These toggle buttons lets you choose the frequency.

The trade results will vary depending on the option you choose. For e.g.

  • [Low] – You will get a few but super curated Trades,
  • [Medium] – will give you slightly more trades.
  • [High] – This option is Suitable for much Active Traders which will give large number on trades.
  • [All] – This option will basically Display entire set of Trades

Broadly you can expect the different set of toggles to provide trades in the range mentioned below.

This feature is extremely useful for Users who specifically wanted to customize the number of trades they receive every day.

The way it’s designed is, as one moves to the higher frequency toggle all the trades of the earlier frequency will be shown,

for e.g. when you choose [Medium] all the Trades provided in Low will be displayed,

Similarly [High] toggle will include all the trades of Medium and low and so on. 

Super curated trades will be displayed in every toggle which will be in bold blue with 3 stars.

NeoTrader is here to make your Trading simple. Hence, the recommendations of every single member matters to us.

We hope this new feature will help the entire NeoTrader Family.

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