The past few months have been a busy time for our development team where we have been focusing on coming up with cutting-edge changes and new enhancements for the NeoTrader software to make the overall experience better and more profitable for our users.

This time we have focused on the intraday trades segment where we have shipped out multiple changes after listening to our user feedback.

Filtered trades for Intraday in NeoTrader Pro

We have increased the level of filtration in the curated selection of the NeoTrader pro version to ensure that users get lesser trades but at the same time, we have managed to ensure that the accuracy of these trades remains intact. Earlier the intraday page would fire nearly 20-25 trades in a day we have brought that down to just 4-5 trades a day on an average using smarter filtration techniques so that trades can be more pointed and easier to execute.

At the same time, a higher number of trades is firing on the non-curated selection, and users who prefer a higher volume of trades can always keep curation off and get a higher number of trades.

Creating Low-Risk Index Trades.

We have modified the stop-loss of all intraday index strategies to in a way that a trader can overcome all the risk of the trade once T1 is met and with the trade hitting T2- and T3 the profit increases significantly. (refer image below)

We have ensured that the difference between the entry price to the stoploss is equal to the distance between Entry and T1 – this way the Risk reward becomes even at the first target it is 1.5x in the second target and almost 2-2x when it touches T3

Stop Loss revision for BREAKOUT-2 Strategy

We have statistically analyzed and reprogrammed our stop loss for one of our top intraday strategies i.e breakout -2. After considering all our client’s feedback and performing thorough backtesting we have reduced the stop loss of the strategy while keeping the targets intact –

this has ensured that users can now continue to derive higher profits but at the same time will have a much smaller loss in the event the trade hits a stop loss from the same strategy.

Add stocks to watch list from any page!

We have launched a brand new feature inside NeoTrader from which you can now add stock to the watchlist or open stock analyzer with just one click from any page of NeoTrader.

This feature will create your watchlist faster by adding whatever you see on various pages rather than tracking back to the watchlist page and adding manually.

For all following our fabled weekend analysis framework – this is now going to be a boon for all of you.

You can explore this feature across most of the pages of NeoTrader.

As always, we are committed to adding new features and enhancements consistently and will always strive to give our best to our valued users.

Towards your Trading Success,

Aditya Iyer

Co-Founder – NeoTrader

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